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Equally hazy and bright yet understated and calm, this project from singer/songwriter Erik Stephansson will seduce and charm you...Like cats relaxing in

a sunny spot, so too will Suntrodden’s music prompt you to bask in the golden rays of its blissful indie pop.

We just discovered the absolute tear-provoking beauty of “Melt” off the forthcoming Suntrodden II...  “Melt” displays the kind of sentimental pop genius that will

speak to more aspects of your receptive senses than you’ve ever known before.

It’s a pretty gentle bit of pop music, structured simply around strumming guitar and calming vocals; there’s also a lead guitar that works beneath the rhythm to

provide a bit more depth to this track…as if it needed it.


Incorporating pop rhythms, singer-songwriter narratives, and some folk undercurrents, his work feels spry and warm, a kind of jangling pop miasma that collects

a wide expanse of influences into a narrow corridor of production techniques.

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