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Suntrodden III Review

August 01, 2017

"This is a collection of dreamy pop, indie if you must, but infectious however you describe them. If an artist is going to go 'out there' without the aid of a safety net, it’s a good idea to ensure the songs are quality as they will stand or fall on them. These are good songs; haunting, thoughtful and melodious, mostly acoustic with sparing electric guitar..."

Suntrodden III Review

July 28, 2017

"think that this set of music does a nice job of creating a pleasant sound that manages to entertain from start to finish. It’s not classic rock based in any way. In fact, this feels very modern. It’s just that the basic elements here seem to have a lot of that older pop rock ethos built into them. Whether you hear that or not, you will probably find plenty here to enjoy."

Suntrodden III Review

July 26, 2017

"Suntrodden III’s strength lies in its safety and anonymity. Rather than blazing trails or shooting the moon, Stephansson gives us five tracks of warm blankets on cold nights. He gives us familiar and expected. He gives us bubble gum. Who doesn’t like bubble gum?"

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